Roofing and Insurance Companies


Insurance Claim?

As a homeowner we all want the best for our home.  With that responsibility comes cost that may or may not be covered by insurance.  We want to be there as you walk through this process of filing a claim.  We cannot determine whether your damaged property is covered by insurance or not.  If a roofing company makes that claim, then please get a second and third opinion.  What we can do is have estimates that are compliant with insurance company standards.

Some homeowners want to get more information on the type of roofing materials currently available on the market.  We can help with this by providing comprehensive knowledge of materials including shingles and metal roofing.   One of the most significant concerns is the potential for noise. It’s true that early metal roof systems were loud during rain.

There are many misconceptions about the different types of materials available.  For example, today’s roofs get installed with a layer of sheathing that reduces noise. In fact, you may find your new metal roof is quieter than your old asphalt one!

Another concern is owning a roof that will rust. Old metal roofing systems were prone to rust; however, newer sheets are developed to remain protected.

Not only are sheets comprised of several metal types, but they undergo rust treated coating. Even against driving rain, your new roof won’t rust!

So, before you remake your next decision about roofing materials call us!

What About Price?

Roofing materials fluctuate like many other products in regards to price, but insurance companies take this into consideration.  They will also take into consideration if there is a catastrophic area and roofing materials will increase in price.  This is very important to know as we are all human and can make mistakes.  If the adjuster doesn't make that adjustment we know that you can probably give them a call and discuss it.  We know this from our first hand experience.  This goes for both residential and commercial markets.

There is good news concerning the price. Your home will experience increased energy savings, and you’ll have fewer maintenance costs with a new roof.  This means you now have a warranty from the manufacturer, and a new roof should not need to be maintained for an extended amount of time.  This give you time to worry about other projects around the house that need to be repaired.

Best of all, many insurance policies may offer a discount for superior roofing types like metal roofing. You may find that, bundled together, your cost savings more than pay for your roof!

Isn’t Metal Heavy?

The average family home can only support a specific amount of weight from the top. As a result, aging homes are always at risk of having too much pressure with new roof installations when the old roof is not removed properly.

However, metal roofing is surprisingly lightweight. In fact, new metal sheets are among the lightest roofing material available.  Metal roofing can easily be installed over your existing asphalt roof without adding the amount of weight a typical asphalt roof would add.

Older homes having a re-roof installation should especially consider metal. Having a second asphalt roof installed on top of the first adds tons of weight to your building.

When installing a new shingle roof it is always suggested to remove the old shingle roof first due to the weight from the additional roofing materials.

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