Commercial Roofing

As a commercial property owner, you have enough things causing you stress. Vandalism, natural disasters, and heating and cooling systems failing are all typical concerns of business owners.

While you can’t keep all your bases covered, you can increase your protection against the elements. Common elastomeric roofing systems can only protect you for so long.

Vinyl-based roofing systems are inexpensive and quick to install. However, they also wear out before too long.

Standing water, powerful storms, and ice and snow can force a commercial roof to lose its strength. To better protect your buildings, you need a stronger type of roofing system.  While we have years of experience installing all types of commercial roofing, we do have a preference when it comes to protecting your investment.  Metal roofing provides a guarantee, and will withstand a lot of storms that other types of roofing cannot.

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Better Protection

Elastomeric roofs have long been the standard for commercial roofing systems. However, most surfaces are flat, and the coating is moisture resistant, not waterproof.

As a result, it just takes one heavy rain to make a mess of your roof. And while you can have it patched, how many times will you need to pay to have that done?

Instead, your building could have a more durable metal roof. Not only will metal sheeting protect you from rain and moisture, but metal roofs reflect more heat and light from the sun.

When we install your new metal roof, it cuts your energy costs and requires less maintenance. Most business owners find that these savings more than pay for your new roof type!

Metal roofing systems are also versatile enough to install on virtually any building type. Whether your business operates alongside other buildings, or it stands alone, we can assist you.

Painted and Styled

We can coat metal roofs nearly any color that you need. Whether you have a franchise or prefer your company’s colors, we may be able to make it look any way that you need.

Even if you can’t have it looking like metal, we can style it after a variety of different materials. Your roof can have the appearance of other roofing systems, allowing it to blend in with what’s around you.

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